Welcome to the Department of Neurosurgery at VSM Hospital, where we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and facilities to our patients. Our department is staffed by a team of well-trained and experienced experts and staff who are committed to delivering accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for neurological conditions.

At VSM Hospital, we understand the critical role played by the nervous system in maintaining overall health and well-being. Our neurosurgery department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of neurological disorders, including but not limited to brain tumours, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease, and epilepsy.

Our team of experts utilizes the latest diagnostic tools and technology to perform detailed neurological examinations, including neuroimaging and electroencephalography (EEG), to provide accurate diagnoses and develop personalized treatment plans for each patient. We work closely with our patients and their families to ensure that they are informed about their condition and involved in the decision-making process for their care.

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